Project management is a sub-discipline of project management in which information technology projects are planned, monitored and controlled.

B2E deal with IT projects, using specialised project management techniques which will be very beneficial to your ongoing progress leading to a much higher success rate in the long run. Planning and carrying out IT projects can be tricky for a variety of reasons, making the ability to complete them successfully a very valuable asset to any company.

Every IT project is driven by a business requirement. For an IT project manager, the hard part is translating that businesses requirement into an end product that fully meets that businesses need. It's easy for a project manager to sit in a meeting and listen to what the clients say they need their new system to achieve. But for B2E understanding what the customer is truly asking for is key, making sure that there is a good understanding of what the customers requirements are.

B2E can assist in the management of IT projects, dealing with current staff and assisting with the hiring of new staff for projects.

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These are the 6 rules B2E can apply to your project to ensure that it becomes a true success. B2E can apply these rules to your projects.

Six Rules for Great IT Project Success

Between cost overruns, project delays, unfulfilled expectations and quality control issues, less 30% of IT projects are successful. This is unfortunate because, conducted and delivered well, projects are one of the most powerful ways IT contributes to a company's bottom-line. We use these six rules to get your project back on track today.

Better Behaviour For More Effective IT Development Projects

How well equipped do you feel to carryout an IT development project. Do you always get the best from your team, engage your stakeholders and retain their interest to arrive at a successful conclusion? This article looks at some of the behaviours managers need to exhibit to run successful IT development projects.

Avoiding the Duplicate Application Trap

Have you ever wondered how much time and money organisations spend developing or buying duplicate software applications just because they do not know they currently exist. Experience and research suggests that organisations (especially large decentralised organisations) spend a large part of their IT budget on unnecessary duplication. What if we put this money to better use elsewhere, or use it to improve the quality of current application development?

Why Software Projects Fail and How to Make Them Succeed

Let's start with a worrying statistic. According to the Standish Group only about 16 percent of software projects are successful, 53 percent challenged and 31 percent cancelled. Failure has become the IT industry norm. So what can we do about it?

Managing IT Projects: Theory or Practice?

What is the best approach for successfully managing IT projects, knowing the theory or applying your experience? This article aims to provide some answers and suggest the best way forward to ensure a successful outcome for your future projects.

Successful Projects: It's Not Rocket Science

There is often a misconception that managing an IT project is difficult. Avoiding the common pitfalls of IT project management is not rocket science, it is simply a case of taking some sensible measures and avoiding basic mistakes.